Who We Are

MyRavana is an e-commerce website that helps connect Sri Lankan's all over the country. We hold the values of our motherland in the highest regard and will be going forth while keeping these beliefs at the forefront of our minds. Our main goal at MyRavana is to provide a platform to small entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and give them an opportunity to sell their products in Sri Lanka and international market.

The main objective of MyRavana is to ensure safe and efficient delivery to every corner of Sri Lanka, especially the areas that do not have access to High Quality Goods. We intend to provide equal opportunities to citizens in every nook and corner of the country to obtain our services.

Although Sri Lanka has a plethora of unique products, ranging from exquisite Batik clothing to Woven Straw items, we have recognized the shortfall of their recognition and distribution. MyRavana hopes to bridge this gap by promoting and showcasing their products to people across both our country and the rest of the world. We will also be assisting them in delivering their products to customers who appreciate and admire the hard work and dedication that has gone into them.

Furthermore, we hope to play our part in the fight against climate change by promoting Eco-friendly items in the hopes of a better planet for our future generations. Our country is slowly making the shift towards becoming greener by the promotion of recycling and reduction of plastic usage and we aspire to expedite this process.