Cooler Bags - With Ice Gel Packs

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These bags are used to store cold drinks/ desserts/ medicine or any other item that must be kept cold. This keeps cool for 12 Hours! 


Ideal for picnics, trips, hiking, sports tournament and practices, outdoor activities, transport medicine etc. This is a perfect and useful gift for adventure/nature lovers, athletes, patients requiring to transport medicine, doctors, hikers, campers, professionals on regular site visits, corporate customers, event organizers, parents of kids or just for yourself! 


Directions for use: Freeze the 9 Gel Ice Packs for 6 Hours and insert into the specially tailored inner pockets of the bag. Place drinks/medicine etc inside and keep closed when not accessing the contents. 


Dimensions: L 13” X H 11” X W 8” inches. Holds upto 8 Litres. 


Materials : Reusable, non-toxic,heavy polyester fabric with special material to maintain the cool chain. Includes 9 Ice Gel Packs. 


Colour : Green 

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