Vanish NapiSan Oxi Action Stain Remover Powder - Colour Safe

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Vanish is Australia’s #1 Stain Remover Brand!* Try our Vanish Gold Crystal White Multi Power - 1st time amazing stain removal and brilliant whites even after 50 washes! The powerful multi-benefit Oxi Action formula works to lift stubborn stains, revive your whites, removes odour causing bacteria in soaking & works as an antibacterial soaker. Pre-treat, soak or throw a scoop in in every wash to remove stains from your most loved clothes.

Vanish Gold Multi Power Crystal White Laundry Booster Powder doubles the life of your whites^! The powerful multi-benefit, chlorine bleach-free Oxi Action formula removes stains even in cold wash & short cycle, keeps your whites brilliantly white even after 50 washes, removes odour-causing bacteria in soaking, and works as an antibacterial soaker.

 Our Multi Power formula releases active oxygen to lift out and break down food, starch, greasy and outdoor stains safely. The colour care and cleaning boosters help enhance garments’ whiteness and cleaning while providing a boost of scent.

 Free from chlorine bleach, our formula is safe for use on everyday fabrics (cotton and polyester), colours and whites while still deep cleaning your laundry for hygiene boost in soaking. 

 You choose how to use this versatile laundry booster powder - in-wash, pre-treat or soak your fabrics. Removing stains from your clothes, keeping your whites brilliantly white and helping your clothes live longer lives^ is easier than you think - just add a scoop in every wash alongside your detergent.

 Best-Selling Prewash Fabric Care brand (all segments aggregated) in Aus Grocery (Nielsen MAT 61222)
^ At 20°C, on regular cycle vs detergent alone

Amazing stain removal even in cold wash and short cycle washes.

Brilliant whites even after 50 washes

Doubles the life of your whites! ^ ^At 20C, on regular cycle vs detergent alone

Removes odour-causing bacteria in soaking and works as an antibacterial soaker

Chlorine Bleach free formula - safe for use on everyday fabrics (cotton and polyester), colours and whites

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